Puppz Teeth Care Dog Supplement
Puppz Teeth Care Dog Supplement
Puppz Teeth Care Dog Supplement

Puppz Teeth Care Dog Supplement

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Use Puppz® Teeth tablets to give your dog a winning smile and keep their teeth in top condition. Your pooch’s teeth are like his hands, used every day for all kinds of adventures and plenty of high-action exploration. As your dog’s most important tools, those teeth deserve the very best of care.

Puppz Teeth tablets are designed to help with stronger and healthier teeth. These supplements are added to your dog’s daily diet, so they can keep chewing their favorite treats and playing their tug of war games.

With a delicious maple bacon flavor, Puppz Teeth tablets are sure to become a highlight of your dog’s day.

Essential nutrients

Puppz Teeth tablets include Vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B7, B12, D3 and E. They’ll improve your dog’s overall health, helping more than just their teeth. Also get the benefits of other ingredients like Magnesium Oxide for stronger muscles and Quercetin for your pup’s lungs.

The container includes 60 tablets. This is enough for 30 days for large dogs over 65lb, or as many as 120 days for the smallest pups under 11lb. Check the label to find the right daily serving for your dog.

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Why choose Puppz?

We work with the experts

Giving your pet the best care is really important, which is why we only sell the best products to keep your pooch happy and healthy. Everything’s tested to make sure it’s safe, reliable and effective too, so you can trust that it does what it’s supposed to.

We care about dogs!

Sounds simple, but we really are passionate about dog care. Not only will you love the health benefits that our products give your best friend, but they’ll love the taste too. You don’t need to upset them by forcing a horrible supplement down their throat.

Live their best life

Our supplements are targeted to help improve the health of your dog, giving them a shinier coat, stronger teeth and protecting their eyesight.

And happiness

That waggy tail feeling

A healthier dog is a happier dog – and who doesn’t want that for their pup? Our supplements get rid of those little health niggles that can upset any dog’s day.